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Hypercapitalism and Other Tales of Planetary Madness

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“The story-probes in Hypercapitalism are Ballardian and Phildickian—yet thoroughly Vaccarian. Warmly recommended.”

—D. Harlan Wilson, author of Dr Identity, Outré, and Nietzsche: The Unmanned Autohagiography

What do ghost hunters in the Middle East, downtrodden office clerks in love with machines, cyborg media barons and sentient, bloodthirsty insects have in common?

They all populate the astonishing short stories of Andrés Vaccari.

Collected in Hypercapitalism and Other Tales of Planetary Madness, Vaccari’s worlds are disturbing and unpredictable.

Part science fiction, part horror, part speculation, these delicate pieces of narrative engineering will make you think twice about looking in the mirror.

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Hypercapitalism and Other Tales of Planetary Madness by Andrés Vaccari
ISBN: 978-0-6456543-3-2
Cover: Matthew Revert



Andrés Vaccari lives in Patagonia, Argentina. He’s the author of Robotomy (Saturn Press, 1997), Smoky: Relato de Muerte, Exilio y terror (Borde Perdido, 2022) and the short story collection El Enjambre y las Sombras (EMB, 2018, Regional Narrative Award). Andrés obtained his Doctorate in Philosophy from Macquarie University with a thesis on Descartes and the links between posthumanism and mechanistic biology. His academic papers and short stories have appeared in various international journals and magazines.